Lisa is often the first actor that springs to mind when casting a range of character voices.
— Ian Skillicorn - The Story Player
Lisa Web Animation Duck 49-2.jpg
Lisa Web Animation Pigeon 49.jpg

Finding the voices for "Silly Old Birds" - for animator Jeremy Fries. 

Finding the voices for Jeremy Fries’ animation sketches was a joy. Once I had the script and the images, I decided to listen to the voices of the birds in the real world: ducks, swans, pigeons and crows.  I watched them too, online and in reality. As I watched and listened, I was listening and watching for their personalities, and what accents and moods they suggested to me. The crow became a harsh Belfast voice, while the pigeon suggested a lilting Welsh sound.  Then I tracked down friends or recordings with the genuine accent, and started playing with the script.

The recording session was relaxed and fun. Finally, Jeremy overlaid the sound of the birds quacks and crows into the recording all of which I voiced myself.

Some of Jeremy’s sketches are above and below.

Listen to the audio track here!

Lisa Web Animation Crow 49-5 (2).jpg
Lisa Web Animation Seagull 49-2.jpg